Post Date2019.03.21
Activity 2019.04.01-04.30

Yamazato| Seasonal Blessing

Message from mother of earth, rich and divine 
In this 3 layers bento case, showing the feast of noble once had 


April – Luxury Bendo Combo   NTD1700+10%


Appetizer: Cherry Blossoms Sesame Tofu, Cucumber and Crab

Soup: Cherry Blossom Fish Ball, Egg Tofu, Mushroom and Vegetable

Sashimi: Tuna and White Fish

Course 1
Boiled Rapeseed Flowers Dipped in Sauce, Salmon Roe, Japanese Omelet, 
Grilled Seabream with Lemon, Grilled Chicken Ball with Japanese Pepper, 
Deep-fried Whitebait with Rice Cakes, Grilled King Oyster Mushroom with Salt, 
Spiced Pork and Burdock Roll, Baked Tofu with Miso and Pepper Leaf Buds

Course 2
Shrimp and Vegetables Tempura 

Course 3
Nigiri Zushi and Sushi Roll



Reservation: 02-2181-5137