Post Date2019.06.28
Activity 2019.07.01-09.30

Yamazato | Energetic healthy cuisine

Sweating every minute in the summer, it’s the season to enjoy eel and regain the energy
Genpei served with black and white eel dishes
Reddish bright sea bream demonstrate the happiness of festival 
Sharing our vitality and joy with you in the birthday celebrating season

Full-eel course NT$1,680/Set+10%
Sirayaki:Roasted eel without sauce with salt, Wasabi, Soy sause.
Uzaku:Grilled eel and cucumber in vinegar dressing.
Yanagawa-nabe:Burdock, eel,egg in soy-sauce-based soup cooked in a pot), 
Starter, Rice, Miso soup, Pickles, Fruits.


Tai Chazuke course:(rice with sea bream and broth poured over it) NT$1,280/Set+10%
Sea bream, Sesame sauce, Wasabi, Seaweed, Simmered eggplant with mashed radish. 
Simmered vegetables. Starter,  Rice, Miso soup, Pickles, Fruits.