Post Date2019.04.25

Introducing- New Chefs On Board


In April, 2019, The Okura Prestige Taipei proudly introduces our 3 new on board chefs of Continental Room Buffet Restaurant, Toh-Ka-Lin Chinese Restaurant and Yamazato Japanese Restaurant.  


Continental Room Buffet Restaurant - With 40 years experiences, Chef Toshiyuki Katsuta is recently transfer from The Okura Tokyo to The Okura Prestige Taipei. French cuisine specialty will be the base for him to discover more with our guests.

Toh-Ka-Lin Chinese Restaurant- Chef Kwan Yiu Kan is one of the top chefs in Cantonese cuisine field in Singapore. Making swell combination between flavor and presentation is what he good at. The new Cantonese cuisine era is here in The Okura Prestige Taipei. 

Yamazato Japanese Restaurant- From Hotel Okura Kobe, chef Rioichi Kato is going to presents his specialization in Kyo Ryouri(きょうりょうり) by various cooking skills and seasonal atmosphere. 



NTD$4,888 Duo Cuisines Special Offer- Yamazato & Toh-Ka-Lin


Date: 2019.04.25~05.20

Price: NTD$4,888元(with tax)

Includes: Two Chef customized sets from Yamazato Japanese Restaurant or Toh-Ka-Lin Chinese Restaurant


Yamazato Japanese Restaurant


Toh-Ka-Lin Chinese Restaurant



Continental Room- Mother’s Day Event


Date: 2019.05.01~05.31


● Weekdays- lunch/dinner 25% off 
● Special dish for every guest during 05.11~05.12 {Boston Lobster au Gratin with Creamy White Wine Sauce}
● Weekdays-50% off for mothers only 
● Weekdays- Afternoon tea 25% off
● Weekends- Unlimited Open Bar during lunch/dinner hours 
● Weekends- 1 Free 4 inch cake per reservation during weekend lunch and Dinner hours while a mother presents. (Exception Date: 2019.05.11~05.12)
● Service fee will be charged at 10% of the original price


Continental Room Buffet Restaurant:   02-2181-5135

Toh-Ka-Lin Chinese Restaurant:           02-2181-5136

Yamazato Japanese Restaurant:            02-2181-5137